Check out our new product - the MPT-440

January 2017

We’re happy to announce our newest Metering Pulse Totalizer, the MPT-440.  The MPT-440 is a combination of our new MPT-4C totalizer and our SPR-44 4-channel isolation relay.   The MPT-440 provides 4 “straight-through” pulse channels, each with their own isolated KYZ output.  Additionally, each pulse channel is internally routed to the 4-channel totalization module.  Two totalized KYZ outputs are available.  This eliminates a tremendous amount of field wiring and provides the functions all in one compact device, saving space and field labor.

Here’s a glimpse at the MPT-440’s features and functions:

The MPT-440 is a combination of a four-channel isolation relay and SSI’s MPT-4C totalizer.  In this way the four separate duplicating or “splitting” relays are eliminated and all of the pulse metering is in one compact package.  This eliminates all of the field wiring that would be necessary to configure such a system.

The MPT-440 features an input terminal strip on the left for all inputs which may be used in either the Form A or Form C mode.  Each input can be independently set on-site as either a Form C (3-wire) or Form A (2-wire) input.  Bright red LED’s have been added to display input status, allowing for easy and fast monitoring of all inputs.

An output terminal strip on the right-hand side of the MPT-440 has four isolated “Straight-through” KYZ outputs for input/output isolation.   Two additional totalized KYZ outputs are provided for the totalized energy from two, three or four inputs.  The totalized outputs can be used in the standard 3-Wire (Form C) “Toggle” mode or can be used in 2-Wire (Form A) momentary mode.  Transient suppression is provided on each output as well as the power supply.

The outputs are selectable in one of two modes, dry-contact mode or sourced-voltage mode.  In the dry contact mode, a wetting voltage from the destination device supplies the wetting voltage to the “K” output terminal and it returns to the device on the “Y” or “Z” or both output terminals.  In the sourced voltage mode, the MPT-440 supplies +12VDC on the “Y” or “Z” terminals and the “K” terminal becomes the common ground terminal between the power supply of the MPT-440 and the destination device.

The MPT-440 is mounted on a 9” x 7” aluminum mounting plate with key-hole mounting slots, making it easy to mount the unit inside another enclosure.  Additional mounting holes are provided in each corner of the mounting plate for standard 10” x 8” NEMA enclosures.  The board is mounted approximately 1/2” above the mounting plate surface providing excellence isolation from ground.   The MPT-440 is available in also available in optional indoor (NEMA 1) steel or outdoor (NEMA 4X) fiberglass enclosures

SS5144A-00001: Standard MPT-440 on mounting plate
SS5144A-10001: MPT-440 on mounting plate in 12” x 12” x 4” NEMA 1 steel hinged cover enclosure
SS5144A-20001: MPT-440 on mounting plate in 10” x 8” x 4” NEMA 4X fiberglass hinged cover enclosure

MPT-440 Metering Pulse Totalizer