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Pulse Data from AMI Meters are now a Reality
New Metering Pulse Totalizers
IEEE487 and A New Low-Cost Short-Hop Solution
Line Voltage Isolation Relays are Problematic for Modern Meters
Transmitting More Pulses, Farther
Churches Monitor PV Systems with PulseConnex
Product Line Changes
Introducing the PMC-1 Pulse-to-ModBus Converter
A Stronger, More Reliable Short-Hop Pulse Solution
SSI Meets more Demands
Revamping the Event Timing Relay
Special Options for SSI Products
New Products! New Products! New Products!
Converting Pulses to an Analog Value
On the Road Again
Line Voltage vs. Low Voltage: What's the Difference?
Product Spotlight: Transmitting with Existing Ethernet
Did You Know?
Pulse Conversion: How does it Work?


Product Spotlight: Taking your Pulses Further
2-Wire or 3-Wire... That is the Question
Product Spotlight: Little Relays that Pack a Punch
Pulses: Simple, yet Elegant
Product Spotlight: Load Management Relays
Part 3: Unique Pulse Solutions
Product Spotlight: Power Supply Options
Part 2: Additional Outputs Needed?
Product Spotlight: RPR-33PS Triple Chanel Isolation Relay
Part 1: Protect your Equipment
Pulses Where you Need Them
How to Make Pulses Useful
What is Demand?
New Products!
What are KYZ Pulses?
NEMA 3R Now Available
Making Pulses Useful for your Customers
SSI's Most Popular Product: RPR-2PS
New CID Enclosure
Introducing the RPR-3LD and SPR-3LD


SSI Elite Relays

Modular - Low Voltage
RPR-1PS Pulse Isolation Relay
RPR-2PS Pulse Isolation Relay
RPR-3PS Pulse Isolation Relay
RPR-22PS Dual Pulse Isolation Relay
RPR-23PS Triple Pulse Isolation Relay
RPR-24PS Quad Pulse Isolation Relay
RPR-33PS Pulse Isolation Relay
RPR-903PS Pulse Isolation Relay
PIR-1PS+ Pulse Isolation Relay
PIR-2PS+ Pulse Isolation Relay
PIR-3PS+ Pulse Isolation Relay
PCR-3PS Universal Pulse Conversion Relay
DPR-22PS Dividing Pulse Relay
Self-Contained - Low Voltage
CIR-1PS+ Customer Interface Relay
CIR-2PS+ Customer Interface Relay
CIR-3PS+ Customer Interface Relay
CIR-13PS Customer Interface Relay
CIR-22PS Customer Interface Relay
CIR-24PS Customer Interface Relay
LMR-1PS Load Management Relay
LMR-111PS Load Management Relay
LMR-121PS Load Management Relay

Metering Accessories