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Solid State Instruments provides the best pulse isolation relays and pulse metering in the industry to protect electrical equipment from transient voltage spikes. We also offer a large selection of specialty pulse products used for providing additional outputs, long distance transmission, “noise” conditioning, and totalizer metering.

In 2009, Solid State Instruments eliminated the use of mercury-wetted relays in every product.
By moving forward with this green initiative, our products all contain solid state relays. Our latest line of pulse metering totalizers continues our green tradition, replaces all previous totalizers, and offers our clients more options. Learn more about our
SSI Products. SSI Products.

Offering KYZ Pulse Metering Devices & More

Solid State Instruments provides highly reliable, premium quality electric metering equipment to the electric, water & gas utilities, and energy service companies. Our product line includes pulse isolation, including the KYZ wavelength, pulse totalizing and pulse conditioning relays. We also offer fiber optic and wireless pulse links and other metering devices that offer efficient solutions for pulse metering problems. Contact Us

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Solid State Instruments is a division of Brayden Automation. Brayden Automation acquired Solid State Instruments in 2001 and continues to build upon its tradition of delivering cost-effective, customer-driven solutions to the electric power distribution industry, along with offering quality energy management solutions. Learn more about SSI's History.

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