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The Solid State Instruments division is a welcome addition to Brayden Automation’s family of demand control, load management and powerline carrier equipment. Please visit www.brayden.com to view our other product lines.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in our products and look forward to earning your continued business. Please contact me at any time if we can be of service.

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Creating Interval Data with the PMC-1

Often times the PMC-1 is called upon to create 15-minute interval data, within a client application program that uses the Modbus protocol.  15-Minute interval data is the standard format of the utility industry for load profiling and billing data.  For those not familiar with interval data, electric energy use (in kWh) is tracked usually over a 15-minute period. 

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SSI Programmer Download

SSI Universal Programmer V1.0.8

SSI Universal Programmer 1.0.8
(32 bit Windows 7 only) download