This year we've been focusing on trying to understand KYZ Pulses. In March we discussed "What are KYZ Pulses?" and in May we looked at "How to Make Pulses Useful." So it only seems natural that the next step in our journey involves exploring the main uses for Pulse Products.

Although there are a vast number of applications for pulse products, we have broken them into 3 main sections that we will discuss in a 3-Part Series. So buckle up, because Part 1 is featured this month!

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Part 2: Protect
your Equipment

In May we discussed "How to Make Pulses Useful" and briefly touched on the topic of using pulses for peak demand management. Pulses are also used for other energy recording purposes, telemetry devices, SCADA systems, etc. Many times the utility or customer needs to track energy use information using KYZ pulses. To accomplish this the utility must install a pulse initiator board into the electric meter and program it for the pulse constant. Most pulse boards provide some protection against voltage spikes but rarely do they provide protection against...

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Pulses Where you Need Them

We've all been there before- the telemetry equipment or energy management system you need to connect with is housed in a building, but the electric meter is on a pole hundreds of feet away.

Before you bring in the concrete saw, backhoe and the trencher, or attempt to run wires overhead, consider the...

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Still On the Road

Come stop by our booth and visit with SSI President Bill Brayden. We'll be in the following cities this August and September:

Great Lakes Electric Meter School
Grand Rapids, MI August 15-8
Presenting on KYZ Pulses
Northwest Electric Meter School
Seattle, WA August 29 - September 2
Presenting on KYZ Pulses
Minnesota Meter School
Saint Paul, MN September 19-21
Presenting on KYZ Pulses

And the Winner is...

Tony Mclellan of Lumbee River EMC! Tony was the winner of the SSI door prize at the North Carolina Electric Meter School and Conference this past June. His prize... a DeWalt Cordless Drill set! Thanks for stopping by our booth Tony and congrats on the win!

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