Tip of the Month!

To convert pulses into real instantaneous demand, simply take the pulse value in kilowatt-hours, multiply by 3600, and divide by the time in seconds between pulses. For example, if you have a pulse output that is programmed for .048 kwh/p and 3 seconds between pulses, then your demand in KW is:

KW= ((.048 x 3600) / 3) = 57.6 KW

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Making Pulses Useful for your Customers

We're often asked by customers "What can I do with pulses?" Retail utility customers are not generally aware of what they can or can't do with a KYZ pulse output installed on their meter. I tell them, "You can't do anything with pulses alone. You need...

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SSI's Most
Popular Product:
RPR-2PS Pulse Isolation Relay

This month we are featuring one of our most popular products, the RPR-2PS Repeating Pulse Relay. What makes this product so popular you might ask? Well beyond the fact that the RPR-2PS is designed with superior solid state relays, it is also the most...

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We're on
the Road Again!

Come stop by our booth and visit with SSI President Bill Brayden. We'll be in the following cities this September and October:

Arkansas Meter School
Fayetteville, AR October 4-7, 2010

SWEMA Meter School
Bryan, TX October 25-29, 2010

Contact the KYZ Pulse experts at Solid State Instruments for help on any pulse metering applications. We have the most extensive line of Pulse Isolation Relays, Pulse Totalizers, Pulse Links and Specialty Pulse Products on the market.

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