Product Spotlight: RPR-33PS Triple Channel Isolation Relay

November 2011

RPR-33PS Pulse Isolation Relay

SSI's RPR-33PS is a valuable relay to have on hand for use in more sophisticated pulse metering applications. Having three independent channels, it lends itself to several unique pulse metering applications. Some of the combinations of pulse channels that can be accommodated with the RPR-33PS are:

  • Triple pulse channel KWH pulses
  • Dual Service KWH + EOI
  • KWH-Delivered, KWH-Received + KQh
  • KWh + KQh + EOI
  • KWh + KVARh + EOI

Using the RPR-33PS will save you space and money by eliminating the need to use two or three isolation relays to get the job done. Rugged construction, wide power supply range, heavy duty optically coupled Solid State switching devices, and the standard large footprint modular enclosure are just a few of the features this versatile relay from SSI provides. In addition, the RPR-33PS has several optional configurations available: 125VDC or 15-48VDC power supply input voltages (a separate power supply for recorder applications that provides a wetting voltage for use with telemetry equipment that does not supply a wetting voltage).

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