Product Spotlight: Taking your Pulses Further

July 2012

OPL-1B Optical Pulse Link

The new and improved OPL-1B Series is here, and it’s taking you further than ever before. Were you previously restricted by the 3 mile range of the original OPL-1 system? Well your restrictions have now been lifted by the creation of the B-Series which can take you up to 68 miles with its enhanced design and use of single-mode cable.

Over the past few years, the utility industry has shown a strong preference for single- mode versus multi-mode fiber cable due to the superior fiber quality allowing for greater distance from a more focused light beam. To meet this growing demand the OPL-1B Series was created. But the improvements don’t stop there! The B-Series is equipped with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories media converters that not only increase the distance of transmission, but are competitively priced helping to reduce the total cost of the OPL-1B Series. Greater distance and a lower priceā€¦ what more could you want? High speed? Ok, well you get that too for no extra charge! The OPL systems are capable of up to 200 Form C pulses per second, way beyond the needs of most pulse metering applications... but there in case you need it.

Choose from the options below to find the best model for your application:

Model # Fiber Mode Distance (miles)
OPL-1B-1 Multi-Mode 0-9
OPL-1B-2 (standard) Single-Mode 0-13
OPL-1B-3 * Single-Mode 10-50
OPL-1B-4 * Single-Mode 10-68
*special order only

All OPL-1B Series systems come with an OPT-1B transmitter and OPR-1B receiver and function as a single channel system. The OPT transmitter is capable of receiving pulses in either Form A (2-Wire) or Form C (3-Wire) which can be configured by adjusting a switch conveniently located next to the input terminals on the OPT-1B.

If you're in need of an affordable way to transmit pulses over long distances, the OPL-1B Series may be just what you're looking for!

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