We've Upgraded the RPR-33PS

May 2017

In continuing our efforts to standardize all SSI Pulse Isolation relay products to the greatest extent possible, we’ve recently upgraded our RPR-33PS 3-Channel isolation relay with our standard SSI input configuration for Form A (2-wire) or Form C
(3-wire) inputs for greater field flexibility.  This relay is normally used in Watts and Vars applications and sometimes with an end –of-interval(EOI) pulse on one channel.  This allows for seamless interfacing of the multiple pulse outputs from the meter.

  • Three Form A or C pulse inputs
  • Transformer Isolated Power supply generates +13VDC wetting voltage for meter’s dry contacts
  • Standard SSI 120VAC/208-277VACC Power Supply Configuration
  • Three Form C 750mA 800V rated solid-state dry-contact pulse outputs with internal transient protection
  • Standard SSI large footprint polycarbonate case

SS5133A-00001: Standard RPR-33PS

RPR-33PS Pulse Isolation Relay