PS+ Pulser Output Device

P3+ Pulser

The P3+ Pulser is a low-cost, fully compatible pulse output device for the Emon 2000 and simplifies the pulse output. The lowest pulse increment (highest resolution) is passed through to a Form A (2-wire) dry contact solid state relay.  An 18” 3-wire cable connects the P3+ to the Emon 2000 with a plug-in connector.  The output features a 6-foot 2-Wire cable with #22AWG wires for simple connection to the pulse receiving device.  A Red LED indicates the pulse output is active, and that the solid-state relay’s contacts are closed.  In this way the user has a visual indication of the pulse being outputted for easy testing and troubleshooting.  The P3+ is housed in a small thermoplastic case for great insulation and high dielectric strength that makes mounting in a tight location easy and possible.  Flanges with screw holes are available but the unit is such light weight it can be mounted with double sided tape or any convenient mounting technique.   No programming or settings are required.