MPS-1 Metering Power Supply

MPS-1 Metering Power Supply

The MPS-1 Meter Power Supply, a low-cost DC power supply option, provides an isolated low-voltage DC wetting voltage designed specifically for KYZ pulse metering applications.

Packaged in the convenient SSI “small footprint” case, the MPS-1 can be used in any application where a wetting voltage is needed to go through a KYZ pulse initiator and into another pulse input device such as a SCADA system, RTU, energy management system, KYZ pulse totalizer, electric meter pulse input or other telemetry or control systems which accept pulses.

The MPS-1 is available in standard outputs of:

  • MPS-1-12 (12VDC)
  • MPS-1-15 (15VDC)
  • MPS-1-24 (24VDC)

Other output voltages are available between 3VDC and 24VDC. Specify the output voltage needed by adding the DC voltage after the MPS-1 model number (i.e. MPS-1-18 to indicate a 18VDC output).

The power supply’s low-current design provides up to 40mA for the pulse metering circuit. The output is internally current-limited and provides a fuse to prevent damage in the event of a short circuit condition. In addition, the MPS-1 power supply includes MOV transient suppression devices on both the 120/208-277 power supply input and the DC output.

table> Electrical Power Input: 120 VAC, 208-277 VAC
Output Voltage:
+3VDC to +24VDC, specified at the time of order Output Current:
Nominal 40mA Fuse:
.1A (100mA) Voltage Regulation:
10mV @ 100% load
Mounting: Any position
Size: 3.27” wide, 5.7” high, 1.50” deep
Weight: 1lb

Temperature Range:

-38º C to +70º C, -38.4º F to +158º F

Humidity: 0 to 98% non-condensing

Available Options
Input Voltages:
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