OPL-8C Optical Fiber Pulse Link

OPL-8C Optical Fiber Pulse Link

The OPL-8C optical fiber pulse link system is a transmitter/receiver pair designed to send eight multiplexed channels of metering pulses over short-to-mid range distances using multi-mode fiber optic cable. The low cost OPL-8C System has a range of approximately 1,000 feet. Transmission distances vary depending on the quality of the fiber.

The OPL-8C system makes it possible to quickly implement an 8-channel optical pulse link with minimal effort. The system includes the power supply, wetting voltage, isolation relay and terminal block connectors making it possible to have a multichannel optical link up and running in minutes. The OPL-8C utilizes standard “ST” twist lock connectors and makes connections reliable, quick and easy. The multimode fiber optic cable is not included.

Each OPL-8C system is made up of an OPT-8C transmitter and an OPR-8C receiver. The OPT-8C transmitter is designed to receive pulses from the electric meters’ K-Y pulse initiators. Pulses are conditioned and sent by fiber to an OPR-8C receiver where the pulse information is de-multiplexed, validated and implemented into the correct pulse state. The inputs are configured as Form A (2-wire) channels. The OPT-8C transmitter requires an OPR-8C receiver.

Bright red LEDs monitor the input status to the OPT-8C transmitter and provide easy & immediate visual system checking without additional test equipment. The inputs are debounced such that pulses with less than the minimum width timing are not be recognized, and only valid pulses are transmitted. While the OPT-8C transmitter is primarily designed for the transmission of metering pulses, it is capable of transmitting any desired Form A contact closure such as a relay, switch, breaker status, etc. to an OPR-8C receiver.

The OPR-8C receiver also includes bright red LEDs to monitor the K-Y output status. The OPR-8C features a solid-state Form A Contact relay (SPST) for a no-bounce contact with internal transient suppression circuitry to eliminate contact wear and noise. The Receiver uses SSI’s heavy duty solid state relay rated at 750mA at 800V for maximum pulse switching capability in most any application.

Power Input: 120, 208-277 VAC. Burden: 4 VA
Signal Input:
Eight Form A (K & Z) inputs from the sending device (electric meters’ KY output)
Optical Fiber Output to OPR-8C Receiver
Maximum Pulse Rate: >50 Pulses per second (Form C), 25 pulses per second (Form A)
Sense Voltage: +13VDC provided to the sending device(s)
Transmission Distance: Approx. 1,000 feet

Mounting: Any position. Mounted on aluminum base plate with mounting tabs and keyhole mounting slots.
Size:5.5’’ wide, 9.5’’ high, 3.5’’ deep
Weight:2 pounds

Temperature Range:

-38º C to +70º C, -38.4º F to +158º F

Humidity: 0 to 98% non-condensing

Available Options
Input Voltages: Contact Factory
Enclosure: NEMA 4X raintight and dustproof enclosure available. 12.0” high, 10.0” wide, 6.0” deep