Penguin III Load Management Timer

Penguin III Load Management Timer

The Penguin III load management timer has been designed specifically for utility load management programs and it works on low voltage control circuits. The unit’s 10-year non-volatile memory retains system settings for 10 years in absence of power, and if power is lost, timekeeping continues for 10 years. Because the Penguin III works in conjunction with Penguin Programming software, utility companies have full control over the programming and customers cannot change the settings of this product.

A load management timer is a great way to offer a cost-cutting alternative to your customers in applications like golf cart charging, forklift charging, water heater control, air conditioning cycling control and electric thermal storage heaters. By removing loads from on-peak time and restoring them during off-peak time, the Penguin III helps consumers make the most of TOU and utilities can build off-peak load.

The “Randomizer” feature of the Penguin III allows the controller to be programmed with a randomized or fixed time-delay cycle start time to avoid load lash-back among the controllers in service on your system. Fixed time delays are selectable from 0 minutes (no time delay) to 99 minutes. Four time settings are available daily to control loads during peak hours, and separate weekday/weekend control settings. Different schedules are also available for winter and summer settings. Single-screen Windows software works with the computer’s RS-232C serial port and allows you to upload and download configurations to the timer by using just one button. The settings are easily confirmed at a glance and configurations can be saved to a disk and read from that disk. The simple interface and simple wiring make the Penguin III easy to program and easy to install.

Power Input:120 VAC, 208-240 VAC
Device Circuitry Designation:Class 1
Power Consumption:12 Watts
Relays:SPDT Low Power 3 Amp standard; or SPDT .5A Low Signal with gold contacts
Relay Contact Rating:3 Amp @ 250VAC (Low Power)
.5 Amp@ 125VDC (Low Signal)
Contact Resistance:50 milliohms

Mounting: Any position
Size:3.3” wide, 5.7” high, 1.50” deep
Enclosure Material:LEXAN (polycarbonate) housing meets UL 94V-1 flammability rating

Temperature Range:

-38º C to +70º C, -38.4º F to +158º F

Humidity: 0 to 98% non-condensing

All specifications are subject to change without notice.