Penguin 6300 Load Management Timer

Penguin 6300 Load Management Timer

The Penguin 6300 load management timer is a complete, ready-to-install Energy Management System using the Penguin III Load Management Timer. The system is designed for large loads, such as chargers for golf carts and forklifts, to remove them from on-peak hours and restore them during the utility’s off-peak time. Significant savings can easily be achieved by moving the energy usage from these types of loads to the less expensive off-peak time. Time-of-Use (TOU) rates vary from utility to utility. Contact your utility for specific on-peak and off-peak times and rates.

The Penguin 6300 features the Penguin III timer and up to 21 3-pole power relays to switch up to 63 load circuits in the standard configuration. Additional relay units can be added to accommodate virtually any number of controlled circuits. Several hundred switched loads can significantly reduce utility electric charges.

The Penguin III Load Management Timer, the heart of the Penguin 6300, maintains a real-time clock that runs the utility’s weekly on-peak and off-peak schedule. Loads are shed just before the start of the On-Peak time and remain off, or can be alternately cycled, until the utility’s On-Peak time ends and the Off-Peak time starts. Weekends are usually designated as Off-Peak times allowing loads to run unrestricted all weekend long.

Making sure that the Penguin 6300 always stays on time is no problem. The system features 10-year battery back-up to retain system setting and the time for 10 years in absence of power. Its tamper-proof design allows only qualified personnel to make changes to the settings. Bright LED’s display the system status at all times. Programming is done using the Penguin Programmer Software. Schedules are created and downloaded into the Penguin Timer as needed.

Power Input:120 VAC, 208-240 VAC
Device Circuitry Designation:Class 1
Power Consumption:12 Watts
Relays:Up to 21 SPDT Relays
Contact Rating:30 Amp@300VAC/28VDC
Contact Material: Silver Cadmium Oxide

Mounting: Any position
Size:12.0” wide, 24.0” high, 8.0” deep
Shipping Weight:43 pounds
Actual Weight: 40 pounds
Material:NEMA 1 Hinged Cover Enclosure

Temperature Range:

-38º C to +70º C, -38.4º F to +158º F

Humidity: 0 to 98% non-condensing

All specifications are subject to change without notice.