SPR-24E Dual Pulse Isolation Relay

SPR-24E Dual Pulse Isolation Relay

The SPR-24E dual pulse isolation relay is designed to provide four isolated dry, solid state Form C (KYZ pulses) contacts from two field-selectable Form A or C inputs in a NEMA 4X enclosure. The SPR-24E utilizes solid state (silicon) outputs and is functionally equivalent to the SPR-24, but designed for outdoor operation. Each input’s wetting or “sense” voltage of +13VDC is available on each “Yin” and “Zin” inputs, and is “pulled up.” The “Kin” terminal is the common return. The SPR-24E offers maximum flexibility as it is compatible with most meters having mechanical, electromechanical or solid state pulse outputs and operates over a wide voltage range.

Typical applications include interfaces between utility metering devices and customer-owned energy control systems, demand response applications, pulse recorders and supervisory control system (SCADA) interfaces. The SPR-24E’s input has a switch-selectable Form A or Form C input and input filtering circuitry to prevent noise from triggering the output. Any pulses less than 18mS are considered to be noise and will not be detected as a valid pulse. Once an input pulse greater than 18mS in length is detected, the outputs will be changed according to the status of the input, thus eliminating any false pulses.

Bright red and green LED indicators display the system status for both input channels at all times, thus allowing a rapid check of the system’s performance without requiring any additional test equipment. The SPR-24E’s input and output terminal strip allows maximum protection from accidental electrical shock. Each output’s “K” lead is fused to prevent damage to the relays under almost any condition users might cause such as excessive current, incorrect wiring, etc.

The SPR-24E has built-in MOV transient protection for the solid state (silicon) relays contacts which eliminates the need for external protection. The SPR-24E’s tough polycarbonate enclosure offers excellent electrical insulation and measures approximately 9” x 8” x 2”, allowing ample wiring room for field terminations. All component parts which have power applied to them, with the exception of the input/output terminal strip are enclosed with an acrylic cover for maximum protection.

Power Input:120, 208-277 VAC. Burden: 10mA at 120 VAC
Pulse Input:Two switch-selectable Form A or Form C input. “Kin” is common return. Inputs have “Yin” and “Zin” input terminals for pulse signals from meter. “Yin” terminal used for 2-Wire mode. Both used for 3-Wire.
Pulse Output:Four sets of dry Form C contacts (K, Y, & Z) for energy pulses. The contacts are rated at 125VAC/VDC at 100milliamps. The maximum rating of the contacts is 800mW. Each output is factory fused at 1/10 amp. (3AG)
Contact On-State Resistance25 ohms maximum, 18 typical
Operate and Release Time:2 to 3 milliseconds typical
Input/Output Isolation Voltage:2500V

Mounting: Any position
Interior:8.00” wide, 9.00” high, 2.00” deep
Exterior:10.00” wide, 11.00 high, 3.51” deep
Weight:2.5 pounds

Temperature Range:

-38º C to +70º C, -38.4º F to +158º F

Humidity: 0 to 98% non-condensing

Available Options
Input Voltages:

125 VDC input using the DSC-1 Power Supply. Contact factory for other input voltages and special orders.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.