It's been a busy summer: new products, new partners, and preparing for full line-up of meter schools this fall. In addition to introducing our new products and partners, this issue will also discuss power factor... and beer!

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A Stronger, More Reliable Short-Hop Pulse Solution

Introducing PRL-1200

Solid State Instruments, the leader in pulse isolation relay products brings you a new solution to the common problem of getting pulses from a remote pad-mounted or pole mounted meter across parking lots, fields, roads, railroad tracks or anywhere where it is difficult to get a KYZ pulse from the meter.

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Fall Meter School Schedule

SSI will be returning to the following Meter Schools this fall:

  • August 11 – 14, Great Lakes Electric Meter School in Grand Rapids, MI
  • August 25 – 29, Northwest Electric Meter School in Seattle, WA
  • September 15 – 17, Minnesota Electric Meter School in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
  • October 7 – 10, University of Arkansas Electric Meter School in Fayetteville, AR
  • October 27 – 31, SWEMA Texas Meter School in Bryan, TX

Bill will be conducting his class on “Introduction to Pulse Metering” at each of these Meter Schools in addition to presenting our newest product, the PRL-1200 Wireless Pulse Link.

Online registration for the September and October Meter Schools is available now. Follow the links on our Meter School page for more info about these events, and for a schedule of Meter Schools for the rest of the year.

SSI Meets More Demands

Creating the SPR-22 and how Power Factor is like a Mug of Beer

Meter Schools provide a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with our customers. Often, new problem-solving technology arises from these rare interactions. At the 2014 Heartland Metering and Technical Conference, Westar approached SSI CEO Bill Brayden with a simple request...

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New Partners
in the Pulse
Metering Business

We are happy to announce two new manufacturer’s representatives. Tom Wichers of GHMR is now covering utility sales in Florida. GHMR has been serving the utility industry for over thirty years, focusing on transmission, substation, distribution, metering, generation, and telecom sales. Florida utilities that would like to buy pulse metering products from Solid State Instruments should contact Tom and his team at GHMR by calling (772) 781-2360, or emailing

Our other new representative, Ben Plexico of Harvey Plexico Inc. will be covering utility sales in North Carolina and South Carolina. Ben has been independently serving the utility industry for almost 30 years. Utilities in those states can contact Ben by calling (803) 254-0872, or emailing

Most of the utilities in the United States can be served by our manufacturing sales partners. To find an agent in your area, please visit the sales page of our website.

Contact the KYZ Pulse experts at Solid State Instruments for help on any pulse metering applications. We have the most extensive line of Pulse Isolation Relays, Pulse Totalizers, Pulse Links and Specialty Pulse Products on the market.

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