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May 2017

We’re happy to announce our newest Pulse Isolation Relay device, the SPR-110. 
The SPR-110 is a specialized pulse isolation relay that features one Form A (2-wire) or Form C (3-Wire) input and TEN Form C solid state dry-contact outputs.  Used in applications where up to ten receiving devices need the same pulse input, the SPR-110 provides the greatest number of outputs available in the industry.   Other applications would include testing systems where a number of devices need a pulse input.

By combining ten outputs into one device drive by one pulse input, the SPR-100 eliminates multiple devices having fewer outputs and a tremendous amount of wiring to come up with the same equivalent metering scheme, and provides an easy and convenient solution when a large number of pulse outputs are needed.

Here’s a glimpse at the SPR-110’s features and functions:

  • One Form A or C pulse input
  • Transformer Isolated Power supply generates +13VDC wetting voltage for meter’s dry contacts
  • Standard SSI 120VAC/208-277VACC Power Supply Configuration
  • Ten 100mA solid state dry contact pulse outputs with transient protection
  • Chassis mounted for mounting in another metering enclosure or SSI’s optional 10” x 8” X 4”   NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure.

The SPR-110’s outputs are selectable in one of two modes, Toggle mode to emulate standard KYZ pulse 3-Wire Form C metering or Momentary mode to emulate 2-Wire Form A metering configurations.  Each output has its own individual standard 3AG or AGC 1-1/4” x ¼” fuse for easy replacement if needed.

The SPR-110 is mounted on a 9” x 7” aluminum mounting plate with key-hole mounting slots, making it easy to mount the unit inside another enclosure.  Additional mounting holes are provided in each corner of the mounting plate for standard 10” x 8” NEMA enclosures. The board is mounted approximately 1/2” above the mounting plate surface providing excellence isolation from ground. The SPR-110 is available in also available in optional indoor (NEMA 1) steel or outdoor (NEMA 4X) fiberglass enclosures.

SS5110A-00001: Standard SPR-110 on mounting plate
SS5110A-10001: SPR-110 on mounting plate in 12” x 12” x 4” NEMA 1 steel hinged cover enclosure
SS5110A-20001: SPR-110 on mounting plate in 10” x 8” x 4” NEMA 4X fiberglass hinged cover enclosure

SPR-110 Pulse Isolation Relay

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