Keep the Meters ON with the NEW APU-3!

May 2017

Looking for an easy way to add redundancy to the meter’s power supply? The APU-3 provides for one of four voltage sources, any one of which can provide the voltage source necessary to power the meter. In this way, if the normal voltage supply is interrupted, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd alternate voltage supply will take over. This eliminates lost revenue from unmetered service to customers with multiple feeds. The APU-3 will always select the highest Alternative power source available and will always run (or switch back to) the normal power source if it senses 120 VAC present.

APU-3 Features and Functions: .

The APU-3 features a large 600V-rated terminal strip on the bottom of the PC Board for all input voltage sources. Each 120V input has its own set of terminals for both the “hot” lead and the neutral lead. The same phase of each service should be used to ensure that there is no potential difference between the phases if they are all powered.

Output terminals are also mounted on the large 600V terminal strip on the bottom of the APU-3 enclosure. Each output in the relaying scheme is cascaded from the next highest alternate source so that the source with the highest priority takes precedence over the lower priority voltage sources. A heavy duty 30 Amp power relay is used for switching each alternate source.

The APU-3 comes mounted inside a 8” wide x 8” high x 4” deep NEMA 1 enclosure for simple and convenient deployment. Also available in optional outdoor (NEMA 4X) fiberglass or ABS enclosures.

SS5916A-00001: Standard APU-3 for 120VAC

APU-3 Auxiliary Switchover Device

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