Product Line Changes

Each January we celebrate the New Year, and then realize that it’s “that time of year” again - time that we take stock of our product line and decide what products will stay and which ones will get the chopping block. This is particularly difficult for us here at Solid State Instruments since we are a low volume, high mix business. We pride ourselves in helping our customers solve problems and in any given year we may or may not build and sell some of the more specialized isolation relays and other KYZ pulse metering products.

In addition to paring down our offerings, we are also excited about some new releases! See below to learn about the most recent changes:

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March Meter Schools

  • March 16-19, Southeaster Meter School and Conference in Auburn, AL
  • March 16-19, Rocky Mountain Meter School in Fort Collins, CO

Online registration for upcoming Meter Schools is available now. Follow the links on our Meter School page for more info about these events, and for a schedule of Meter Schools for the rest of the year.

Partner Announcements

Updates on our Manufacturers' Reps

We are happy to announce the addition of another new manufacturers' representative: Jeff Moore, owner of Instruments & Technology, is now covering our utility sales in Illinois. Jeff has been serving the utility industry since 2004, specializing in power quality, electric metering, motor testing, electrical test equipment, and quenchant analysis sales. Illinois utilities interested in pulse metering products from Solid State Instruments should contact Jeff by email to j_d_moore@comcast.net, or by phone at (815) 838-5909.

Following his success in North Carolina and South Carolina, Ben Plexico of Harvey Plexico Inc. will be now also be covering utility sales for Virginia. Utilities in those states can contact Ben by email to plexicoben@bellsouth.net, or by phone at (803) 254-0872.

Most of the utilities in the United States can be served by our manufacturing sales partners. To find an agent in your area, please visit the sales page of our website.

Contact the KYZ Pulse experts at Solid State Instruments for help on any pulse metering applications. We have the most extensive line of Pulse Isolation Relays, Pulse Totalizers, Pulse Links and Specialty Pulse Products on the market.

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