In May we focused on the differences between 2-Wire and 3-Wire pulse values, also known as Form A and Form C. This month we are taking it a step further and explaining how to Convert from one Form to the other if such a situation arises, and for many, this situation occurs often. This somewhat convoluted topic will be broken into simpler terms in the article below.

We also have an exciting new addition to the SSI Product Line… the OPL B-Series. You may be familiar with the current Optical Fiber Pulse Link Series capable of transmitting pulse signals over long distances; however the B Series has taken those features to the next level! Read on to learn more about these exciting improvements…

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Pulse Conversion: How Does it Work & When is it Needed?

In our May Newsletter we discussed the difference between Form A (2-wire) and Form C (3-wire). But what if you come across a situation where the meter has a 2-Wire pulse output and the piece of equipment you’re connecting to the meter has a 3-Wire input? This is where Pulse Conversion can become very useful. Fortunately, it is ...

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Product Spotlight:
Taking your Pulses Further

The new and improved OPL-1B Series is here, and it’s taking you further than ever before. Were you previously restricted by the 3 mile range of the original OPL-1 system? Well your restrictions have now been lifted by the creation of the B Series which can take you up to 68 miles with its enhanced design and use of…

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