MPG-1 Software Upgrades

January 2017

In our efforts to continually upgrade our products, we’ve completed a major software upgrade for our MPG-1 Wireless Meter Pulse Generator.  The MPG-1 uses Zigbee wireless technology to receive power use information from a Zigbee-enabled electric meter and generates KYZ pulses of a selected value for customer-side metering or energy management systems.  Upgraded features include:

  • Programmable Meter Multiplier – the MPG-1 now has the capability to have the meter multiplier programed into it to make it fully compatible with instrument-rated electric meters as well as self-contained electric meters.
  • Delivered and Received Energy – the MPG-1 can provide pulses for both positive (delivered) and negative (received) energy for bidirectional power applications.  .
  • Communications Port for Programming and Monitoring – the MPG-1 now contains a serial communications port for programming system parameters as well as monitoring the Zigbee communications with the meter.

The MPG-1 allows the utility to provide KYZ pulses to a customer and maintain their standard AMI meter rather than having a non-standard meter deployed just for KYZ pulses.

MPG-1 Wireless Meter
Pulse Generator