PulseConnex Software Upgrades

January 2017

In addition to the MPG-1 upgrades, we’ve been hard at work on a variety of projects including software upgrades for our PulseConnex® Energy Monitoring System and Dashboard.  Due to the wide variety of network configurations and security protocols on customer sites, we’ve added the capability to use a static IP address on the PulseConnex interface device in addition using standard DHCn, we now support:

  • Programmable Static IP address
  • Proxy server capability
  • NAT (network address translation)

With these new capabilities, the PulseConnex system can be deployed on standard commercial networks with a little or no problems with network protocols.

Encourage customers to take control of their energy use

PulseConnex is a low-cost real time monitoring and information system for commercial industrial customers to help lower peak demand costs.  In addition, it provides interval data with automatic email delivery of a csv file, peak demand text message alerts and demand response capabilities.  For more information, visit PulseConnex.com.

What our customers are saying:

 "A valuable tool which helps us save thousands in demand charges every month."
Pat Zeimet, Plant Manger
Pacer Corporation - Custer, SD

 "We use PulseConnex every day. We like the email alert and also the text message alert. These features along with the daily profile email have helped  us pin point what equipment is driving our demand spikes. This real time information will help us manage our load and give a big opportunity to save some money."
Darin Sigler, Plant Manger
ADM-Alliance Nutrition - Columbus, NE

- "Brayden walked us through the installation and provided contacts at local electrical utility – easy.
- Data in form of a graph is useful as a quick check to verify equipment function the night before."
Daily update is sent via email. Real time data is obtained on web.
Use of this product will help us reduce our energy cost $18K this next year."
Tim Scott, Plant Manager
Chemstar - McPherison, KS.

Visit pulseconnex.com to learn more