It’s that time of year again; school is back in session and summer is on its way out. As sad as it is to say goodbye to the “carefree days of summer”… let’s be honest, it was a little too hot this year and we’re ready to cool down!

In the spirit of “Back to School” season, we’re continuing our 3-Part Educational Series on pulse product applications. In July, we revealed Part 1: Protect your Equipment! which focused on Pulse Isolation Relays and how they protect your expensive equipment from transient damage. Several of our readers found Part 1 to be very beneficial, so we hope Part 2 won’t disappoint!

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Part 2: Additional Outputs Needed?

The two most common applications for pulse isolation relays are

  1. Basic Protection
  2. Providing Additional or Duplicate Pulse Outputs

Part 1: Protect your Equipment! focused on protection from transient damage with pulse isolation relays. As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this article, Part 2 will focus on how to increase the number of pulse outputs supplying identical pulse information.

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Product Spotlight:
Triple Isolation Relay

SSI’s RPR-33PS is a valuable relay to have on hand for use in more sophisticated pulse metering applications. Having three independent channels, it lends itself to several unique pulse metering applications. Some of the combinations of pulse channels that can be accommodated with the RPR-33PS are...

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On the Road Again

Come stop by our booth and visit with SSI President Bill Brayden. We'll be in the following cities this September and October:

Minnesota Meter School
Saint Paul, MN September 19-21
Presenting on "KYZ Pulse Metering"
Presenting on "Introduction to Advanced Electric Rates"
Arkansas Meter School
Fayetteville, AR October 3-6

SWEMA Meter School
Bryan, TX October 24-28

Multiple Prizes = Multiple Winners!

At the Great Lakes Meter School this past August both Matt Ciarkowski from PIE&G and Gary Cockerham from Duke Energy walked away from the SSI booth as winners! Matt is now the proud owner of a thermos set, and Gary will be spending the last few days of summer with his Cooler and BBQ set. Thanks for stopping by our booth and congrats on the win guys!

Visit us on the road to get your chance at winning a cool door prize!

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