Line Voltage Isolation Relays are Problematic for Modern Meters

Today, many utilities continue to do KYZ metering installations the same way they were done 30 to 40 years ago. Yes, they may still work, but it is not the best engineering solution for today’s solid state meters and long-term reliability may be compromised. Let’s look at this more closely.

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Fall Meter Schools

  • August 25-29, Northwest Electric Meter School in Seattle, WA
  • October 6-8, University of Arkansas Electric Meter School in Fayeteville, AR
  • October 26-30 SWEMA Texas Meter School, Bryan, TX

Online registration for upcoming Meter Schools is available now. Follow the links on our Meter School page for more info about these events, and for a schedule of Meter Schools for the rest of the year.

Transmitting More Pulses, Farther

The OPL-4B and OPL-8B can send pulses up to 65 miles

Solid State Instruments is introducing the first SSI optical fiber pulse link capable of transmitting multiple pulses over very long distances – up to 65 miles with certain models using single-mode fiber.

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New Metering Power Supply

SSI is proud to introduce the MPS-2 Metering Power Supply. This new, low-current device will provide up to 300mA for the pulse metering circuit and includes MOV transient suppression on both the AC power supply and the DC output.

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Churches Monitor
PV Systems with PulseConnex

Many organizations are looking to solar to provide relief from high electric bills, but with complicated net metering rates and data provided by the utility up to a month after occurrence, it can be hard to know how efficiently a solar PV array is operating.

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