New Metering Pulse Totalizers
Streamlined and more Versatile

February 2016


Solid State Instruments is happy to announce an exciting improvement of our line of metering pulse totalizers. In order to take advantage of a faster and more flexible microcontroller, we are releasing the new MPT-2C, MPT-4C, and MPT-8C Metering Pulse Totalizers.

These new metering pulse totalizers will replace the previous versions of our MPTs, including the MPT-2, the MPT-2, the MPT-4B-PS, the MPT-4SB-PS, and the MPT-8B. In addition to streamlining our product offering, these new totalizers have standardized features with more capability. Such as:

2-wire or 3-wire Inputs
The MPT-2C and MPT-4C are produced with field-selectable Form A or C inputs. We upgraded these two totalizers to be 2- or 3-wire capable as 2-wire applications are becoming the norm.

Additive and Subtractive Inputs
The MPT-8C will still have Form A (K & Y) inputs, however, all the new MPT inputs will be additive and subtractive, a feature that previously was only available with the MPT-4SB-PS. This makes each of the new MPTs useful for “netting out” energy used in renewable solar PV, wind generation, or other bidirectional energy flow applications, or when a particular load needs to be subtracted from a building’s total load.

Demand Information
The MPT-4C and MPT-8C totalizers are able to calculate interval demand and record peak demand.

2-Channel Outputs
All the new MPTs have two outputs. Previously, only one output was available on the MPT-4B-PS and the MPT-8B-PS.  With only one output, a splitting relay was required to go to the utility’s SCADA or data acquisition device in addition to the utility customer if required. The added output offers greater convenience and cost reduction in applications requiring two outputs.

MPT-2C Metering Pulse Totalizer

MPT-4C Metering Pulse Totalizer

MPT-8C Metering Pulse Totalizer

Additional details about each new totalizer are viewable on our website, where you can also download the spec and installation sheets. Our new metering pulse totalizers will be available starting February 1st. Contact us for pricing and to pre-order, or for application recommendations.