IEEE487 and A New Low-Cost Short-Hop Solution

October 2015


The 2015 changes to IEEE 487 Standard called “Electrical Protection of Communications Facilities Serving Electric Supply Locations” are now out. Compliance to this Standard as far as KYZ pulses are concerned, requires that no copper wires leave the substation. If you are bringing KYZ pulses out of a substation for your industrial or large commercial customers, you have two options for compliance: a wireless pulse link or an optical pulse link. Since many utilities already have fiber available in their substations, an Optical Fiber Pulse Link may be the best way to bring KYZ pulse information to your customer.

The low-cost, short-hop OPL-1C is the latest addition to the OPL family.

The OPL-1C Optical Pulse Link consists of two devices, an OPT-1C Transmitter and a mating OPR-1C Receiver. The OPT-1 receives pulses from the electric meter, encodes the pulse information, and sends it to the OPR-1C over a fiber pair. The receiver then reassembles the information so that the output pulses are a mirror image of the output pulses from the meter. The new, low-cost OPL-1C is the latest addition to SSI’s OPL product group and features multimode compatibility for short distance hops of up to 1 mile.

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