New Products!

May 2011

“New Products!?! Wow! How can SSI be introducing even MORE units to their already extensive product line?”

That’s exactly what you’re thinking, right?

Well we can, and we are! One of our main goals is to provide you with a wide range of KYZ Pulse Products, and to continue to meet your needs in any way we can. This includes offering variations on our standard units. Keeping this mission in mind, we are introducing 3 new products; the PTR-2PS, the LMR-111PS, and the LMR-121PS.

Pulse Transceiving Relay

The PTR-1PS is great for transmitting pulses over long distances (up to 4 miles) from the meter to a CLR current loop receiving relay. But if you are unable to obtain power from the meter, the PTR-1PS and a CLR are no longer viable options. Well with the PTR-2PS you no longer have to worry about power issues. The PTR-2 is capable of doing the job of both the PTR-1PS and a CLR. As long as it’s located within 5,000 feet of the meter you’re good to go!

Learn more about the PTR-2PS

LMR-111PS & LMR-121PS
Load Management Relays

Struggling because you need access to the power supply on an LMR-1PS? Many times a system integrator or service provider needs to power equipment like radios, recorders or other instrumentation from the meter. This is now possible with the LMR-111PS or the LMR-121PS. Just decide if you need one output (LMR-111PS) or two outputs (LMR-121PS) and you're set!

Learn more about the LMR-111PS and LMR-121PS

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