January 2017 NEWSLETTER

Picking a good
KYZ Pulse Value

We're often asked "What is the proper pulse value to set a customer?" or "How do you know what to set the pulse output value for?" The answer is -- it depends. It depends primarily on kW size of the customer and what they want to do with the pulses. Most pulse metering applications these days are related nearly exclusively to peak demand applications -- that is, either demand monitoring, demand control, demand response programs, etc. - and less for kWh energy monitoring.

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Check out our new product - MPT-440

The MPT-440 is a combination of a four-channel isolation relay and SSI’s MPT-4C totalizer. In this way the four separate duplicating or “splitting” relays are eliminated and all of the pulse metering is in one compact package. In addition, this eliminates all of the field wiring that would be necessary to make a system like this work.

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Check out our new
Customer Interface Device - CID-3

Years ago, we introduced the CID-1 Customer Interface Device in response to continued requests from customers for a low-cost convenient termination device which would provide over current protection. It was followed a year later by the CID-2, a two-channel version of the popular low-cost interfacing device. A few more years have gone by, but it’s that time again! In response to customer requests, we’re introducing the CID-3, a three-channel termination device.

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MPG-1 Software Upgrades

In our efforts to continually upgrade our products, we’ve completed a major software upgrade for our MPG-1 Wireless Meter Pulse Generator.  The MPG-1 uses Zigbee wireless technology to receive power use information from a Zigbee-enabled electric meter and generates KYZ pulses of a selected value for customer-side metering or energy management systems.

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PulseConnex Software Upgrades

In addition to the MPG-1 upgrades, we’ve been hard at work on a variety of projects including software upgrades for our PulseConnex® Energy Monitoring System and Dashboard.  Due to the wide variety of network configurations and security protocols on customer sites, we’ve added the capability to use a static IP address on the PulseConnex interface device in addition using standard DHCP.

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Contact the KYZ Pulse experts at Solid State Instruments for help on any pulse metering applications. We have the most extensive line of Pulse Isolation Relays, Pulse Totalizers, Pulse Links and Specialty Pulse Products on the market.

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