Creating Interval Data with the PMC-1

Often times the PMC-1 is called upon to create 15-minute interval data, within a client application program that uses the Modbus protocol.  15-Minute interval data is the standard format of the utility industry for load profiling and billing data.  For those not familiar with interval data, electric energy use (in kWh) is tracked usually over
a 15-minute period.  This period is known as the meter interval or demand interval. 
All metering uses one or more 15-minute intervals for tracking energy use and peak demand.  If a utility uses a demand interval of 30 or 60 minutes, multiple 15-minute periods are combined to accumulate energy use and calculate the correct peak demand over the selected interval.

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Check out our NEW product - SPR-110

The SPR-110 pulse isolation relay is designed to provide ten sets of isolated solid state Form C (K, Y & Z) dry-contact outputs from a single field-selectable Form A or C input over a wide voltage range. The SPR-110 relay contains standard-duty solid state outputs. The sense voltage provided by the SPR-110 to the sending device (typically a meter) is +13 VDC. The SPR-110 may be used with meters having high or low voltage semiconductor outputs, or electro-mechanical output contacts (relays).

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Keep the Meters ON with the NEW APU-3!

The APU-3 is an auxiliary power switchover device designed for instrument metering applications. In the event of power loss to the meter from the primary source, the APU-3 automatically switches the meter potential to one of three auxiliary sources.
By using this approach, potential loss of revenue is avoided.

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We've Upgraded
the RPR-33PS

In continuing our efforts to standardize all SSI Pulse Isolation relay products to the greatest extent possible, we’ve recently upgraded our RPR-33PS 3-Channel isolation relay with our standard SSI input configuration for Form A (2-wire) or Form C (3-wire) inputs for greater field flexibility.  This relay is normally used in Watts and Vars applications and sometimes with an end -of-interval(EOI) pulse on one channel.  This allows for seamless interfacing of the multiple pulse outputs from
the meter.

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Contact the KYZ Pulse experts at Solid State Instruments for help on any pulse metering applications. We have the most extensive line of Pulse Isolation Relays, Pulse Totalizers, Pulse Links and Specialty Pulse Products on the market.

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